Design Web

Your business needs to appear in Internet…


You are a constructor? a restaurant? a fashionable store? or a center of aesthetic? Whatever your sector, nowadays is essential that your business has presence in Internet. More and more people use Internet search it everything, if you are not ...... will visit the competition!

In Geaccess we designed your webpage to size, putting special interest as much in the appearance as to the functionality, studying each case and looking for the best adapted solutions your activity. TO SEE

Graphical design

We create the image of your company

Graphical design Galicia

Because the image matters, we give to a present air to your logo or corporative image.

If your company does not have image, or your logo has remained obsolete, we created your new corporative image, from the accomplishment of the design to the stationery store impression,…

Design of logos, calling cards, enterprise stationery store, envelopes, letters, a4. TO SEE

Software of management

The best management of your business

Software of Galicia management

We count on a department specialized in programming of software for all the sectors, thanks to which the management of your business will be faster and simple.

It especially discovers our developed programs for your sector: the hotel trade, commerces, florist's, laundries, independent, ........
and totally prove them free during 20 days TO SEE

Hosting & Dominios

Hosting professional Web

Hosting and Dominios Galicia

We are a company supplier of hosting and domains. We count on an ample own datacenter, which allows us to be able to offer the best service to him to the best price.

From lodging Web on small scale, as our unlimited hosting plans, to virtual or dedicated servers, for most demanding. Also we offer Reseller plans, ideals if you want to offer hosting to your clients TO SEE

Computer science equipment

Installation of equipment and networks of office

Computer science equipment

Assembly of all type of local networks and networks wifi, as well as installation and connection of equipment to Internet.

Implementation and home of all type of computer science facilities.

Complete computerization of commerces and stores, with tactile TPV and all the peripheral ones.

We offer computer science maintenance (hardware and software) of all type of peripheral facilities and. Annual maintenance for companies and offices, TO SEE

Technological Renting

Rent of hardware and software

Technological Renting

The Technological Renting is an integral service of rent of equipment, in the medium and long term directed to independent and companies with all the necessary services for the good operation of the equipment.

This option is full of economic, financial advantages, always technology end. TO SEE

Telephony VOICE IP

Telephony IP with virtual switchboard

Telephony VOICE IP

It saves in your calls from the first day contracting our service of VOICE IP.

The service of Voice IP is a system of great added value that Integra telephony IP and virtual telephone switchboard. Voice IP is a reality to which more and more companies want to add themselves.
The only requirement to be able to enjoy the service of Voice IP is to have a connection to Internet. TO SEE

Video monitoring

Closed circuit of TV (CCTV)

Video monitoring in Galicia

Closed-circuit television is a technology of visual vídeovigilancia designed to supervise to a diversity of atmospheres and activities. The system consists of several cameras installed in strategic places, that they catch the images and they send them to one or several monitors located in another point of the installation.

You will be able to see your premises or office from any part of the world, including through your Smartphone. TO SEE

Other services

Solutions to size for your company

Computer services

We offer all type of solutions for your company or business.

Solutions in Internet: marketing online, payment by click, search engine optimization, services of backup, mailing, external storage, cheap vps cloud hosting,….

Solutions for your office: adaptation to the LOPD, consultancy and expert work, procedure of computer science subsidys, consults to us without commitment!