Design simple and minimalist Web

Design simple and minimalist Web, less is more

You we already counted it in the tendencies in design Web 2018, and even in those of the 2017 when Web began to simplify itself to the design. And it is that it is clear that less is more! Texts Webs loaded of, letter and letter finished to the banners, emphasizing it everything.

And in Geaccess we are fans of the simple thing! It is a tendency that enchants to us, simple lines, few colors, clear and concise content.

The simple thing is fashionable

 And proof of this is that every time they are plus the clients who request a design to us simple Web for their page. €œI want the possible simplest Web €œ,€ a clean and simple Web €œ, they are some of the requests that are repeated more.

On the other hand, if already you have been having a Web realised for some years, he is important that you even to study its image for a moment. It is not only question of fashions, but also the image that gives your company. That the corporative webpage maintains a modern and present line is essential for your presence in Internet.

These are some of the last Webs realised by us, maintaining this tendency in design:

You can see here the portfolio of works carried out

And in fact this tendency can be applied to any area. Graphical design, decoration, and to the same life! And you? you are fan of the simple thing?

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