Store online of Queens Fashion

Store online of Queens Fashion

Queens Fashion in Bertamir¡ns sends its store online

Queens Fashion is born in 2010 to give answer to a public that understands fashionable and style but it is tired to always see the same. In its located physical store in Bertamir¡ns, they have continued year after year marking the difference. Always looking for to innovate and to offer fresh and present articles to very competitive prices.

In addition, thanks to its social networks they have arrived at many corners of the country. But now they have decided to give the great jump and to sell online!

After seeing the necessity to be able to arrive at more people and to realise shipments of simpler form, they have trusting in Geaccess to create its store online. With a clean and simple design so that it is easy to sail and to buy, adapted to mobiles and list for your purchases:

If you are also thinking about giving the jump and selling online, Contact to us!

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