Medical consultation online,

Its medical consultation online, without moving of house, with medical professionals to its disposition. With this objective it is born DOCTORVASCULAR.COM, a Web of taken care of medical consultations only by specialists.

You will be able to formulate his questions and to clarify his doubts with the specialists of a customized way. How to interpret the results of some analyses, to consult the undesired effects of a medicine or what to do in the case of a bad control of the disease, are some of the most frequent consultations in our Web.

Medical consultation online, with total guarantee is a webpage designed by Geaccess and developed by professionals of the medicine to give answer to its problems of cardiovascular health.

Using a near language, the doctors approach practical aspects of the daily handling of the cardiovascular diseases. The arterial hypertension, the diabetes mellitus, the elevation of the cholesterol, tobacco addiction, the obesity, etc.

WITH TOTAL SECURITY, guaranteeing the privacy and security of its data

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