Program of the Bond of Personas Aut³nomas (TR341Q).

Bond for Independent: investments in Professionalisation and Estrat©gido Development

Improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprise or professional activity for independent with subsidy of until 3.000‚¬ for investments in Professionalisation and Estrat©gido Development: optimization of processes of production and logistic chain, commercial relaunching, image and communication, marketing and positioning Web.

The people independent workers who reside and have fiscal address in Galicia, which they have unaantig¼edad in the effective accomplishment of an enterprise or professional activity of uninterrupted way in the date of request of the help by a term superior to 42 months and that have a reduced net yield of the declared yields of economic activities in the declaration of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, annual 30,000 inferior to ‚¬ and one 12,000 annual minimum invoicing of ‚¬, IVA Including, declared in the year previous to the call.

Expenses Qualifying for funding
Between the services that will be able to be funded they are:


  • The improvement of the financial management
  • The pick up of funding
  • The optimization of processes of production and logistic chain (Iso 9001, Iso 14001, ERP €“ Software of integral management of the company, CRM €“ software of management of clients,€¦.)
  • Commercial relaunching
  • Image and communication (corporative design, is present in social networks,€¦)
  • Positioning Web


  • Plan of enterprise improvement
  • Marketing
  • Redefinition of the business model
  • Identification of possible partners or creation of cooperation networks.

Also any other service or activity non including in the previous sections will be qualifying for funding that can be considered as directed to the improvement of the competitiveness
The expenses will be realised from the next day to the publication of the order and to the 20 of December.
Formalization of requests and Term of Presentation
€¢ The term of presentation is from day 1 of August to the 9:00 hours to the 31 of August to the 23:59
€¢ The help will be granted directly by order of presentation of request to which they satisfy the requirements
€¢ The presentation of the request will be telematics with digital certificate or llave365

Quantity Qualifying for funding
It will be had an advance of 100% of the help, ascending the same up to 3,000 ‚¬

Consult to us! We can start up your project. Term opened until the 31 of August.  To see more information.


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