Subsidy for store online IGAPE 2018

Subsidy for store online destined to the outer promotion of Galician companies in foreign markets.
They consist of non-refundable help distributed by the IGAPE, with the aim of fomenting the foreign promotion. Thus to increase to the projection and positioning of the Galician companies in the international markets. For it the activities qualifying for funding will be:
€“ Diffusion with campaigns of publicity in press, magazines or any means. Whenever this diffusion is realised abroad.
- Platform of promotion online for foreign markets, including the stores online.
€“ Plans of digital international marketing: implementation of e-commerce for international markets, action of digital publicity.
€“ Participation in fairs, expositivos contests and other organized events or promocionaless outside Spain.
€“ Development of clients abroad

Subsidy for store online and outer marketing

 The help of the IGAPE allows the Galician companies that esten in the internationalization process to implant a plan of digital marketing and later to take it to end. Here all the technologies fit that help promotion online.
Help of 70% of the amount of the actions including in the subsidy.

The term of presentation finalizes the 21/02/2018

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