Help 2019 to the creation of independent companies and

Independent help 2019

The Xunta of Galicia promotes the use of 4400 independent and the consolidation of 535 small businesses of new creation and bases technological.

The term of request already is open for the two lines of help. In them the Ministry of Economy, Use and Industry will invest more of ‚¬ 14M in 2019

The home of the activity of independent will lean with 2000 ‚¬. This sum will be duplicated up to 4.000 ‚¬ for the minors of 30 years, unemployed long play, people with capacities different or in risk from social exclusion.

Thus also the hiring of seconds or working third parties leans. The general help so that the independent ones contract indefinite workers will oscillate between ‚¬ 3.000 and ‚¬ 7,000. Being able to arrive at 15.750 if the beneficiary belongs to the groups defined as priority

With the second of the programs, the use of 380 workers and the consolidation of 415 small businesses with new technology and base technological.


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