Dietistas Dieticians in Vilagarc­a de Arousa

Lealves Nutrition is a new center of Dietistas dieticians Vilagarc­a de Arousa.  Schedules, customs, familiar situation, tastes, physical activity, age, metabolism€¦ The needs of each are different, therefore, the diets must of being adapted to each individual.

With that objective NUTRITION, a center specialized in customized diets 100% is born in Vilagarc­a de Arousa LEALVES.  Because each person is different, their needs and requirements are also it.

The equipment of dietistas and dieticians of Lealves Nutrition offers specialized services to you to each case. Services of loss of weight, overweight and obesity, infantile feeding, improvement in the sport yield,€¦.

In addition they teach to you to feed to you enjoying the food.

With an innovating vision and conscious of the importance of arriving at everybody, in its Web you will find the dietician option online. Through this service you will count on an advising and customized pursuit at any moment.

If you want to take care of your feeding, you look for to lower of weight or the feeding worries to you about your children, you do not doubt in visiting

You can visit his facebook, where they maintain to us informed into its services.  Also they present to us real cases:

Dietistas dieticians Vilagarc­a de Arousa


The design Web of its page

The center of Lealves Nutrition, Dietistas dieticians Vilagarc­a de Arousa, is confiadon in Geaccess for the design Web of its company. In its Web we have decided on a modern and simple design. Of this form they offer a present image and they show its services with clarity. In addition the Web is adapted to movable devices with a design responsive.

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