Concheiro clinic, in Santiago de Compostela

Concheiro clinic is a private center located in the Urbanization You Linden trees (Santiago de Compostela), with more than 25 years of experience.

We are specialistic in Pathology of the spine, hip, members superiors and members inferiors.  We count in addition on a Special Unit to Medicine and Surgery of the Foot and Ankle.

Our dedication includes all type of musculo-skeletal pathologies. Pathologies of the spine, of hip, members superiors and inferiors€¦ of traumatic, congenital, degenerative origin, etc.

Dr. Gonzalo Concheiro

The center is directed by the Dr. Gonzalo Concheiro, Medicine Lawyer and Surgery by the Medicine Faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela. Specialist in Orthopedic surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery by the Independent University of Madrid and with an ample professional trajectory.

Through his new webpage with a design modern, taken care of and simple Web, she offers all the information on his services and specialties:

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