Google will penalize your Web

Google will penalize your Web if he is not responsive!

Nowadays to speak of Internet is to speak of Google, the Almighty of the network through which we turned. Google has created needs that we did not have, and now all tour around Google. Everything, absolutely everything, we looked for it in Google, concretely about two million searches per minute.

As the number of users grows who use movable devices to accede to Internet, the algorithms of Google adapt these landlords of use.  From the 21 of April, Google will give to much more importance to the pages optimized for mobiles, the denominated design adaptable Web, offering more ranking to them in the positioning, which will have a remarkable impact in the results of the search.

The Webs with problems of usability in mobiles will lose positions against which yes they are optimized. Reason why the adaptable design of a Web, that until now was optional, will become obligatory almost for the Webs that do not want to disappear of the searches of Google.

If your webpage is not adapted to movable devices Contacts with us and we helped you. If still you do not have webpage, until the 21 of April we included the design free of charge Web responsive in anyone of the design hirings Web that you do.


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