Inamar Formation and consultancy

Inamar Formation and consultancy begins this loaded stage of projects and new ideas. With the aim of to be different and innovating in the formation and consultancy.

In the times that run the changes take place more and more fast. In Inamar they want to obtain that the continuous learning is the top priority of companies, professionals and individuals.

And with that objective they begin his walking.  For that reason they count on a unique team of professionals, of public and private organizations dedicated to the formation.

The ample existing competition causes that all we must be. And the formation must be an essential requirement for everybody. For that reason in Inamar they want to begin a walking next to you. Unite to you to INAMAR!

Courses of Formation

Inamar to size offers a methodology to you of education based on the integral formation and.  Through formative programs, they harness the capacities and aptitudes of the students, developing its abilities and extending its competitions.

Consulting services

The consultancy department offers advising to the companies.  In this way it will contribute effective solutions and making profitable his own resources it will offer the services of:

Food safety, Control of Plagues and prevention of Legionella. In addition to elaboration of Plans of Equality, Prevention of Risks and LOPD

By all this INAMAR it sends his Web in which you will find all services. developed by counts on a design modern, simple Web and intuitive.

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