Advantages of eCommerce

Sometimes we have spoken of the advantages to count on a store online, for the retailers and businessmen. But also the consumers perceive these advantages.


The advantages that are the clients or consumers of the Ecommerce are:


€“ It is not necessary to make tails to buy

€“ Access to stores and products in any location

- It is not necessary to have a physical store to sell

- It is possible to offer and to find a great amount of options

- The stores online are available every day to all the hours

- Immediate digatales product purchase of unloading (electr³ncios software, books, music, films, etc.)

- Facility to grow and to offer more and better products and services

- There are limitations nor agreements of no space, which allows to have the more products available

- Facility and rapidity to communicate

- There is no necessity to handle money in cash

- Fast and efficient transactions and hirings

- Reduction of expenses of personnel

- Possibility of finding more clients or of locating better stores through the finders

- Possibility of buying and of selling rarer or less commercial products, but than has their market share


Also advantages for the client exist that can be inconvenient that harms the salesmen:

- Facility and rapidity to compare prices

- Availability of coupons of discount and special supplies to secure to prices and sales.

- The delivery of each product of individual form

- Impossibility to prove the product before buying it

- It is necessary to count on a safe connection to Internet

- It is essential to have device from which to connect itself to Internet

- Fear to the fraudulent payments, the swindles and the robbery of the personal information (hackers)

- Difficulty or incapacity to even detect the swindles and to the swindlers

- Absolute dependency of Internet

- Additional costs exist that, in the majority of the cases, it will have to assume the salesman

- Inconvenience for the returns

- Delay in the reception of products (as minimum a day).

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