Purses leather of Galician design

Purses leather of Galician design

LUISA GARRIDO is a Galician fashionable signature that is born to base illusion, effort and creativity.

The signature bets by national products, looking for to harness in all the aspects the brand €œDone in Spain€. For it they use the best qualities and they consider until the minimum detail in his creations. All purses are made in Galicia and are made up of outside leather 100%.

Luisa Garrido creates its collections with the intention of which each of their purses is a symbol in each woman. Thus they are able to complement his style and character perfectly.

The signature finishes sending his first collection of Purses leather to the market, made completely in Spain. The collection €œTHEY€.

According to account the author the reason for this name for his first collection is because in their life, as in the one of almost all, people exist who mark and influence in our way to think, to act and TO EVEN CREATE. For that reason each purse leather of its creation takes the name of some of those people: Irene, Nati, Alejandra, Ester,€¦

If you want to know the beauty of the creation already you have online its new store online. Through which, the signature wants to approach its collections any woman of any point of Spain.


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