Slogans in Santiago de Compostela

Slogans in Santiago de Compostela

You knew that it is not possible to be entered the SEO of Santiago de Compostela with backpacks nor luggage? And that is prohibited to circulate in bicycle around the old quarters of Compostela?

For that reason Knoll Bike Park is born, a space in which you will be able to keep your properties with total security. While visits the city all your luggage, backpacks, canes, will be safe in Knoll Bike Park.

They have slogans of bicycles, thus you will be able to visit the city more comfortably. Also they offer service to you of shipment. If you have realised in Way of Santiago in Bicycle and now you want to spend some days in the city, they send your bicycle to your address so that you do not have to load with her.

And the same with your luggage. Disponene of uardamochilas and luggage so that you do not have to load with them while visits the city. Also with shipment at home if you want to send to house your luggage.
Knoll Bike Park is in the same French way. To only 200m of the Santiago de Compostela, bus-station right in the center. In addition opened every day to the year of 9-22h
If you want to know its location or to consult their tariffs visit their Web: (Design Web by hostisoft)
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