Decorators of interiors in Santiago of compostela

Decorators of interiors in Santiago de Compostela

Decoria Study is a study of decoration located in Bertamir¡ns, next to Santiago de Compostela. To the front of the study are M³nica and Marta, two enamored with the decoration.

The Decoria projects are completely customized. They adapt to the needs of each client, to his personal tastes, the typology of house, to the space which it has and to its budget. The experience has demonstrated to them that with dedication and affection, even with small details, functional and harmonious spaces are obtained.

Faithfuls to their philosophy of €œare not the same house that a home€, Decoria helps you to save time and money. And to secure the home about which always you dreamed!

This study of decorators of interiors in Santiago de Compostela offers several options to you according to your needs and budget. With Toque Decoria you will be able to give a new air with small details without changing the furniture of great size. If what you look for it is a total change with the service of Decoria Extra, or Decoria Project you will obtain it!

In addition they tell on store of own decoration where to find all those decorative elements that they will mark the difference. They have an ample selection of painted and textile papers (tapestry, cushions, curtains€¦), furniture and elements of decoration.


If you look for a change for your home but you do not have time and you want that somebody is in charge of everything, Decoria Study does by you!



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