Youth hostel Way of Santiago Fisterra €“ Muxia

Youth hostel Way of Santiago Fisterra €“ Muxia

The youth hostel Or Logoso in the heat of is way from Santiago to Fisterra/Muxia. To its passage by Olveiroa, where the way is branched off.

Every time they are plus the pilgrims that cheer up to realise this way. After the arrival to Santiago, they continue the Way towards the Earth aim.

The youth hostel has 38 places in bunks. Also it counts on private rooms, with shared or deprived bathroom.

In his cafeteria/bar you can replenish forces. You will find bocatas, combined pizzas, plates and menu of the pilgrim.

It consults all the information and images of the youth hostel in his new Web: Which has been realised by, with a simple and functional design.

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