Design Web Tendencies 2019

When home a new year they appear new tendencies in all the sectors, and design Web also. Some of them stay of the last year, and others come we do not know provisionally if or to remain.

1ª Mobile first.

We did not get tired to repeat that the use of the movable devices is unstoppable. For that reason the Webs must have a design Web responsive, adapted to mobiles. But the tendency of the next years for the design Web from zero will be to think first about the movable version and later to adapt it to the greatest screens.

2ª giant Typographies.

The typographies acquire special importance in this 2019, giving protagonism them as far as enormous unique and so large designs. The use of great headed will emphasize and give protagonism to the main thing of the Web.

transparent Minimalism and bellboys

The minimalism is more and more remarkable in the design Web. Simple Webs with concrete and easily visual contents are a tendency that will remain this year.

4ª Trowel of shining colors.

Black and white and the smooth colors will take passage to brush-strokes of strident and showy colors. Some Webs as Dropbox sehan added already to this appearance!

But beyond the tendencies the really essential thing in the design of a Web will be:

  • Design responsive, adapted to mobiles. Nowadays a design is not conceived Web realised from zero, that is not responsive.
  • Protocol of security HTTPS, demands it in your hosting
  • Fast load. In this accelerated world we did not hope more than 5 seconds by a Web, tenlo in account!
  • Maximum usability. The Web must be practical and easy to consult

Therefore, which we recommended to you is that you trust professionals who will consider all these factors, beyond the appearance.



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