Luminous labels in Santiago and Corunna

Luminous labels in Santiago de Compostela

The importance of the luminous labels is nowadays essential in them business. A form to emphasize and to be made see is to install in commerces and businesses a label. From plafones, luminous letters with light, posters, letters of pvc,€¦

And on that R³tulo knows the General much company, with years of experience in the manufacture of labels. They are a company with than 10 years of experience dedicated more to the design, manufacture and installation of labels. Luminous, opaque labels, and accomplishment of works in vinyl of cuts and digital impression of small and great format on different materials, canvas, vinyl, paper and textile. In addition their ample portfolio to clients has trusting in them throughout these years.

Generally R³tulo has own installers and serves its mainly in Santiago de Compostela, To Corunna, Vigo and Ourense, and in the rest of Galicia. Also they offer service in all the national territory. Individuals, companies and organizations of different sectors, from the retail store to the great companies.

And if you are professional of the rotulaci³n, generally LABEL offers services from production and installation to professionals. From its factory they carry out works for other professionals of the rotulaci³n, as well as metallic carpentries, wood carpentries, glassworks, architects, decorators, etc. and send its products to all Spain, Portugal and Europe with special prices for professionals.


In its webpage you will find all the variedade of labels that offer:



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