Rustic Natural Stone houses

Rustic Natural Stone houses

The beauty of the natural stone offers some outer from luxury to your familiar house.  The outer shell with natural stone contributes gan beauty and durability, thanks to the quality of our products.

Single-family houses and rustic natural stone houses

Propetan Natural Stone is a Galician company dedicated to the extraction of ornamental granite blocks. They have own quarries and they are expert of the vital importance that has the raw material in the later processes of transformation and elaboration.  For that reason the contribution of their experience guarantees an excellent result.

Granite experts: their uses are very diverse: structures, coatings, pavements, decoration, undertaker, etc€¦ That is to say, as much in interiors as outer and the finished ones they can be of different types following his use.

Propetan already counted on webpage, but they are conscious of the image in Internet. For that reason we have realised realised a redesign Web with a much more present image.

In his renewed Web you will be able to see a multitude of works carried out, mainly rustic natural stone houses. Also single-family and rehabilitated houses, facades of buildings, walls and closings,€¦. And by all means with different finished from natural stone: ashlar masonry, blocks, paving stones€¦

It visits his Web and lets to you enamor by the natural stone:

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