Hostigal is member LIR of RIPE

Our Hostigal brand continues growing and improving. We are Member LIR of RIPE NCC, the official organism that manage the resource allocation of Internet in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia. We have our own Independent System AS which allows us simultaneously to manage completely our connectivity through our Routers BGP4 with several operators.

What is exactly to be a LIR of RIPE?

It is a company responsible for the distribution of the space of directions IP and the registry of the same at local level thus guarantees that the policies and procedures are fulfilled.
The companies that as Geaccess LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY we became LIR we are Internet service providers (ISPs, Hosting, Registry of Domains€¦) since we assigned the spaces of directions of our clients of telecommunications, enterprise organizations or academic institutions.
With this Hostigal jump one holds fast within Spain as one of the ISPs youngest and with greater projection of the last years.

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