Design Katuxa jewel Silversmith

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Design Katuxa jewel Silversmith

Katuxa Silversmith is a Spanish designer centered in the creation of limited editions and unique pieces. Katuxa designs artistic proposals at the request of its clients, or is girlfriends, ring of commitments or €œwhims€. Another facet of this jeweler is the reelaboration of old pieces and to turn them into modern designs.

The jewel design of Katuxa Silversmith turns around gems. These inspire the development of the piece, contributing to them color, beauty and €œsoul€. With a vision of the jewelry shop from the Art and the Fashion it develops his project of jewelry shop of Author.

If you look for jewels of unique design, it visits his store online, in which you will find an author jewel collection, designed with affection, gentleness and soul!

In addition to his store online, you can visit his factory of jewelry shop and lies down physical in Santiago de Compostela. In the heart of the monumental zone of Santiago de Compostela, the store of Katuxa is located Silversmith.

As much in the store online as in the physics, we were with some wonderful jewels realised with natural stones and material noble.  Exclusive feature, versatility and customized attention are some of the characteristics that define this jeweler of author.

A reference in the artisan jewelry shop of Santiago de Compostela. If you look for a unique jewel, special and exclusive, it visits:



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