Quartering company in Santiago de Compostela

instogaInstoga it is a located quartering company in the zone of Santiago de Compostela, and that emphasizes, in addition to by its experience and quality, by its form to work.

Instoga offers a complete service to us of provision and installation of any product, or it gives the option us to acquire the product (screen, cooks, furniture€¦) in the store or center that we love and they, in a very short term of time, they realise the assembly and installation!

Specialists in the installation of bathrooms, as much realising the comprehensive reform, as change of bathtub by plate of shower, positioning of screens, column or cabin hidromasaje, installation of furniture and accessories€¦ being the technical service of the most important factories.


Reforms of kitchens and bathrooms in Santiago de Compostela, company of reforms in Santiago

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