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When a company is generally sent to create a webpage, in many cases or he is present in the social networks, has a page in facebook, to twitter or instagram€¦ The social networks are an important part of any strategy of marketing online.

There are still reticent companies €œto socialize itself€, that think that to be in the social networks it is not important, or that they are exposed to being criticized or being copied. These companies often only see the bad part, and do not know the advantages that it remembers to be in the social networks. One better form to approach you your possible clients, and what many do not know, a great help at the time of positioning you in the finders.

socialWhen we created a webpage, generally, we animated to the client to create one fanpage or one counts in twitter, if they do not have her, and we used the bellboys, plugins and widgets that offers these networks to be able to share their contents in the webpage.

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