Subsidy lies down online commerces

Subsidy lies down online commerces

Opened the help of the Xunta of Galicia for the computerization of Galician retail stores. A year plus the Xunta offers help to the retail store for the creation of stores online, webpages and programs of commercial management.

The term is open until the 27 of May of 2019

In this occasion the help is of 80% and goes destined to the digitalization and modernization of commercial and artisan companies of Galicia.   Therefore if you were thinking about creating your Web or computerizing the management of your store this is a good occasion.

These are the products or services that we offer to you:

    Implantation or update of commercial webpages. Thus you will obtain an improvement of the image on line directed to the commercialization of his products.
    Implantation of management tools. And systems integrated for Enterprise Resource Planning, commercial and software adapted to the necessity of the commerce.


If you are interested asks for more information from this form

It consults complete call DOG here:

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