Essential in your webpage: 5 things that cannot lack in a Web

Essential in your webpage!

In this entrance you hablabamos of as they are the tendencies in design Web in 2018. But independent of the tendencies there are several factors on which your Web would have to count. Today we spoke to you of the essential elements in your webpage!

You have decided finally to send to you to create your webpage. Or you have to your company specialized in design Web, or are of those small hands that want to do their own site. Whatever your case, today we left 5 essential elements you that it must have your page.



More than half of the users/clients who visit your Web will do it from a mobile. Tenlo in account not only at the time of which the Web is adapted to mobiles, but also in the form in which you are going to present the contents.


It is first that is going to see the /cliente user who visits your Web. You will have to draw his attention so that it remains in your page and it does not puncture in the little button €œto return back€. It looks for a good image that defines your services or products and that is attractive.  Accompany it by a slogan or phrase using a good typography and a button that calls to some action (to the cart of purchase, a promotion, to your services,€¦)


What information I am going to include in the Web? What I want to present?  Often we did not spend time to work the content of the Web, or we do it in excess with too many superfluous texts. To offer an excellent information than you want to show, of your products and services presented of clear and concise form are essential so that the visitor finds easily what she is looking for.


You do not forget the green candadito. In addition to giving a safer vision of your Web one has become a €œobligation€ if you want to obtain a good positioning, since Google will give more importance if your Web is safe!


It is possible that your visitor wants in touch to put with you any doubt or to ask for more information. It always facilitates an email of Contact, a telephone or a form and tries that he is easily locatable. The ideal is that in addition to a specific page of Contact, you show to your data in the footer or the part superior so that they are always at sight.

And if you do not want to be complicated, he Contacts with a company specialized in design Web and they will advise to you.

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