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The DESIGN WEB RESPONSIVE or ADAPTABLE DESIGN is a new tendency of creation of webpages that we must consider at the time of a design correct Web. Known by abbreviations RWD (of the English, Responsive Web Design) it is a philosophy of design and development whose objective is to adapt the appearance of the webpages to the device that is being used to visualize it. It allows to visualize a Web in all type of devices, from computers to smartphones or tablets, without having to move the screen, extending or to reduce it to see the Web correctly. The concept of €œOne Web€ makes reference to the idea to construct a Web for all (for Web All) and accessible from any type of device (Web on Everything).

Nowadays, the variety of existing devices in the market has caused that the information available is not accessible from all the devices, or is accessible but the navigation experience is very poor. For it, webpage, that detects since type of device we accede, adapts all contents to the resolution of our screen, adapting images and text.diseno.web-responsive

The use of movable devices is growing to an incredible rate, devices as tablets and smartphones have increased their sales in the last years and navigation in Internet by means of these devices is more and more common. That is the reason by which the design adaptable Web has become so popular, because it is a technique that provides a solution Web that can as much handle to the visualization Web as of devices.

Whether or you have webpage, as if you are thinking about contracting one, this one is an option that you would have to consider to a hour to contract to your design Web.



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