To create a Web free?

You are thinking about having your own Web and insurance you have seen announcements in television or banners by Internet in which they invite to you to create a webpage free!

Then, why to pay by a design Web? If you can do it you yourself, and without spending a duro?

If you are going to create a personal page, a blog of aficciones, etc€¦ this is a fantastic option since it does not suppose investment nor economic cost. But you are going to create the webpage of your business, would have to deepen a little in this type of gratuitous publishers, search opinions and to value if it really is what you want.


We summarize some of the points that you would have to consider:

The Domain

The name of your page will expose to you. Nothing is free, and if you do not want to pay by a domain you will have to be satisfied to a subdomain, of the type: or

Slowness in loading

You will find modern and attractive gratuitous groups with design, that will enchant to you. But the majority includes heavy images that will cause that your Web takes an eternity in loading. Studies exist on usability that they indicate that the maximum time of delay for the load of a webpage, is of 10 seconds, as of this one time the visitor begins to be hopeless or to lose the interest by the Web.

The predetermined groups

You are pages are directed to users without programming knowledge, in which simply you will have to drag bellboys little and more, which limits the design. And if you have a minimum of knowledge and you want to do something €œby your account€, surely you will not be able.

Positioning SEO

The optimization for SEO very usually is limited.


The majority of these publishers will be useful to include announcements in your p¡gian Web.


If you want a webpage without spending nor a Euro, these gratuitous publishers Web are a good option. But really you want a professional page for your business, you do it with some professional.  Here you have some options for a design professional Web.

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