Tendencies in design Web 2017

Tendencies in design Web for this 2017

The design Web is continuously evolving, and also it follows fashions.  These last years we have seen several tendencies in design Web. Alalgunas remains and they are based to remain, and others are past unnoticed.

Now that finishes the 2016 it is hour to look at the next year and to see what design provides as far as the Web.


More than a tendency it is an obligation!

In addition to being a factor SEO that evaluates Google at the time of positioning your Web in its results, more of 50% of it visits to Webs mobiles or tablets become from.

Your Web must have a design that allows to adapt to all types of devices, sizes and resolutions of screens.


The interminable options of menu finished.

They are simplified of remarkable form, remaining in 3-4 options that will include all the content. Or directly they will be transformed into those famous 3 dashes used in the movable versions, that unfold the content of the menu.  Thus in addition we will secure a cleaner design.


The Typographies and sources of the webpages gained force in this 2016, and they will remain in the 2017, but they also have fashions.

The typographies simple, minimalist, and easy to read are the tendency, and the best form to use them in the design Web is through Google Fonts, that every time is growing and it offers many to us more sources to use in the Web of simple form.

MINIMALIST DESIGN: Less it is more!

It is the tendency top of this 2017.

Clean designs, with cleared contents, less loaded, than in addition to being more attractive to the navigator, will improve the yield and the speed of load of your Web


What seem to you the tendencies in design Web 2017? The joint parties?



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