Increase of prices of Cpanel


A few months ago, at the end of June, significant changes in cPanel have taken place, making public their new prices policy, announcing increases of very significant prices. Previously cPanel was sold with an only extended leave of absence and now it happens to have a policy of licenses according to the active account number in a servant, which is a significant increase of the prices, not only for us but also for our clients.

The majority of our clients, as well as the majority of suppliers, uses cPanel, reason why this change of prices has been without a doubt great a problematic one to consider.

The announcement of cPanel is a dramatic change that has taken by surprise all the industry from the lodging. Although the majority of companies takes realising increases of price from June, we have occurred some months to realise the change being been useful the new year and to thus incorporate all the new features of this change of a already more stable form.

The tariffs mentioned in the publication of the blog of cPanel are costs as much for suppliers as for us and in average they represent increases superiors in 40%. Although the price of cPanel 2019 varies according to the type of servant, the clients will hope to see very significant increases, arriving even at the 100% in the cases in that the clients have more than 100 accounts.

New types of licenses cPanel €“ Official Prices

In the official page of cPanel he can consult the different types from licenses, that are thus:

In addition, if he has surpassed the 100 accounts, he will have to pay an additional extra by each extra account that you have once exceeded the 100 accounts of the license Premier.

The changes in the price of the licenses cPanel for our clients, will enter in force from the 1 of January of 2020.

In Hostigal the prices of the licenses will be as we indicated next:

From the 250 accounts it will have to consult to us since cPanel at the moment provides confused information about the additional packages, and the suppliers not yet we know clearly to the 100% as they are going it to raise.

We want to stress that this change of prices is not of our company. It is a global change of cPanel and affects to all the companies that sell licenses, or are loose or ligatures to a servant.

If you want to know more information on this change, and the reasons used by cPanel, you can consult them HERE

As you will be able to observe, the increase of prices is considerable and those that will notice it more are servers VPS with more than 100 accounts in a same machine.

Our company is not in agreement with this type of changes in the policy of scaled and prices, but as you know, he is cPanel that decides of unilateral form the change in the price of its service.

Unfortunately a Control Panel does not exist nowadays that makes shade to cPanel and the clients who are working with him, if have worked with other panels, will know than we spoke. In others there are constant errors, problems of security, etc, forcing to be constantly pending of the panel and the servant instead of to be it in promoting your company.

We are in conversations with cPanel so that they leave new packages with an intermediate number of accounts.

Additionally, to indicate very that our company will offer the prices of licenses to the minimum possible cost, below the official prices. These prices will stay unless cPanel forces to apply prices to us PVP to our clients or last minute exist more changes as which they have taken place in his prices policy.

If you have any doubt, in the case of your contracted product, only ponte in touch with us.

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