Galicia Exports Dixital

Galicia Exports Dixital

Subsidy for digital internationalization 2020

The term will be opened next dedicated to help for the Implantation of a plan of digital Internationalization, with the aim of facilitating to its presence in International markets for the company.


Poder¡n to be beneficiary destas axudas ace requisite companies that cumpran you seguintes:

a) That they te±an some center of traballo been na Independent Comunidade of Galicia.

b) That they estean given of discharge in programs advanced of Igape of apoio to internationalization with issued positive report from 1 of xaneiro of 2013. In any case to solicitude of discharge in programs advanced of Igape of apoio to internationalization, do will have to appear before finishes off do prazo of presentation of requests of axuda, to traverse do procedemento do Igape IG192.

c) That they estean ao day it give sºas obrigas coa state Public Facenda, coa Independent Comunidade of Galicia and coa Social Seguridade

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