To choose the correct domain

To choose the domain name is as choosing the name of the company, is many things in which to think and to consider. To choose a good domain is very important for your business, your name of domain is your identity in Internet.



At the time of registering a domain you would have to consider several factors:

1. Short and easy to write.

It uses a domain that is not very long and is easy to write, if your domain is long and complex you risk to that people write it bad.  Ten in account that your e-mails will take the name of the domain, and often you will have them to facilitate by telephone for example, if he is short and simple better.

2. The USA key words

It tries to use some keyword that describes to your services or your zone of action, that help to improve your position in the finders. Although it is not either question to create a very long domain, is recommendable to use some keyword.

3. It avoids numbers and scripts

The numbers and scripts usually are confused: the people who listen to the direction of your website do not know if you use a numeral (5) or if she is written (five) or they place the script in an incorrect place or they forget it. If you need to use them in your domain, it registers the different variations to be safe.

4. The USA an extension   of suitable domain

If you are registering a domain for your company, the most common and recommendable extension is the .COM or .ES. But many exist other: .net, .org, .biz, .gal,€¦

You can register several different extensions for your domain, and not need a webpage for each, only redirigir all domains to the same webpage.

5. That he is unique

If a domain is unique, there is another equal nor no similarity, will be much more easy to remember. If your domain looks much like another one, that above it belongs to a company of the same sector, is negative for you, since you can lose visits in favor of the other webpage.


You have registered your domain, you have created your webpage and your post office,€¦ and now what? Often arrived at this point we think that already it is all fact. You must use your domain and your webpage in everything! In stationery store, calling cards of company, vehicle of the company, to with friends share it and near people, etc€¦ The more you use it, the more well-known will be.


If you are thinking about your name of domain, you want to verify if he is available, uses our finder here: TO REGISTER DOMAIN. And if you have in mind your domain and already you want a webpage for your company, we invited to you to that you consult our solutions in design Web



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