Subsidy for stimulaton of the consumption and commercial invigoration €“ Xunta of Galicia


PROCEDURE IN220A by which the regulating bases settle down of subsidizes thems to the associations of retailers without spirit of profit of scope superior to the policeman or bunds, for the revitalisation of the local commerce and the stimulaton of the consumption through ticket of commercial invigoration.

Activities qualifying for funding:

  • The stimulaton of the commercial demand and the consumption that facilitate the development and improve of the commercial activity carried out by the associations of retailers of scope superior to the policeman or bunds, through invigoration campaigns or activities directed to the promotion of the sales that will be due to present within a project of stimulaton to the consumption in which is the direct participation of the associations of integral retailers in the beneficiary organization or of the associated establecimientoscomerciales, of being the case.

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