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Help for digital marketing, electronic commerce and digital tools

The TICC¡maras Program intends to impel the digital transformation and the systematic incorporation of the TIC, as key competitive tools in the strategy of the SMEs, as well as to maximize the opportunities that offer to improve the productivity and competitiveness of the independent SMEs and of the sector retail commerce (stores online, corporative Web, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social average, tools of productivity, ERP, CRM).

Objectives of the help TIC:

What is the program Tic Chambers?

Program of Help to the digitalization of the SME

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain sends to the program Tic Cameras, that give help to Spanish companies to promote the implantation of the Technology of the Information and the Communication (TIC).

Subsidized PRODUCTS

stores online

Design and development of stores online to size

Design Web

Creation and design of Webpages

stores online

Solutions of TPV for commerces and the hotel trade

stores online

Solutions of TPV for commerces and the hotel trade

Doubts on the program

Who can choose to these help?

Requirements of the participants

  • To be a SME and to be given of discharge in Census IAE.
  • To be given of discharge in the Census of the CNAE-2009 Group 47 or that is registered in the IAE in inscriptions 64, 65 or 66 (the pharmacies are excluded), of the Section First of Annex I of Real Decreto Legislativo 1175/1990, of 28 of September, by that the tariffs and the instruction of the Tax are approved on Economic Activities.
  • Independent of the inscriptions of the IAE in which they are registered, they are excepted those companies which they operate in the sectors of the fishing, aquiculture, the coal and the primary production of the agricultural products that appear in the list of Annex I of the TFUE.
  • Not to be to blame in none of the prohibitions to that article 13 makes reference of Law 38/2003, of 17 of November, General of Subsidy.
  • To have its head office and/or productive center in some of the municipalities of the demarcation of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain
  • To be to the current of the tributary obligations and against the Social Security.
  • To fulfill the norm of m­nimis.
  • To own intention to improve its competitiveness through the application of the TIC in the processes that are determined through practiced diagnosis and to be arranged to meet the conditions of the Program.
  • Not to have beneficiary result of Phase II of the Program in previous annuities, after the 31/12/2015.
  • The companies will be able to take refuge in phase II if they have justified documentarily his previous participation in Phase I of the Program, in the present call or within the year previous to the same, and that they have not been beneficiary of Phase II; or if they credit in the last to have participated year in a similar Program of Advising in the incorporation.
Phases of the help program

Phase 1. Attended diagnosis of TIC

One is to realise an exhaustive analysis of the level of digitalization of the company and its possibilities of improvement by means of the study of his chain of value, that allows to know the situation the level of competitiveness of the company adressee in its economic surroundings and of market.


Phase 2. Customized plan and Implantation

- IMPLANTATION In this phase, Geaccess would realise the implantation of the established solutions in the Diagnosis. It supposes a minimum investment for the company: the financiable maximum amount is of 7,000 ‚¬, although the implantations can be of greater amount.

- FINANCING subsidy of a maximum of 80%/85%/50% (maximum rate, according to the intensity of help ERDF in each region), prefinanced by the beneficiary company.

- PURSUIT will be realised a pursuit of the rate of execution and the adjustment of the implantation projects. This pursuit does not have cost for the company. The Financing of the pursuit: 100% qualifying for funding one, prefinanced by the Chamber of Commerce.

Presentation of requests

the requests, along with the indicated necessary documentation in the same, will be able to appear in the Chamber of Commerce to which he is assigned, or through electronic, accessible headquarters in the following direction:

The admission of companies to the program will settle down by strict search warrant of entrance.

In Geaccess we helped and we advised him in the procedure of the request of the help according to the established terms (to consult terms by autonomous regions) and later will realise the pursuit until the conclusion of the same.

You want to choose to this help?

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