Store online Lovely Shop

Store online Lovely Shop

Lovely Shop is a beautiful fashionable store in Noia, To Corunna.  After her is a dreamy woman, bold and attractive and that is what wants to transmit with this project that began with many desire and illusion.

With the same illusion and desire that when it opened his physical store LOVELY SHOP, its store opens now online: In addition to the present and beautiful articles you will find looks and outfits to inspire to you. An elaborated LOOKBOOK with ideas and outfits so that you combine articles of the store. And by all means the section BLOGGERS, in which other blogueras teach the Lovely looks to you.

The store online Lovely Shop is a store online developed by Geaccess. In which a design has been followed miniamlista Web and a clean and clear appearance.

If you want to be to the last one and to know the last new features, looks and tendencies follow Lovely Shop in facebook and instagram @lovelyshop_noia



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