Shoes of woman online

Shoes of woman online

Bambbº Shoes is more than a footwear.  It is a dream made reality. To the front of Bambbº she is Cristina, granddaughter of a shoemaker, who in addition was a great craftsman. That familiar tradition was the inspiration source that took to open its own footwear to him.

Now it is sent to open his store online, and to approach Bambbº your home. But without losing the essence that has the retail store.  For that reason in Bambbº you will find different fashion brands and with personality. Shoes, boots and anckle boots, sneakers,€¦ but also   other unique articles. Galician brands give terri±a, beautiful and unique things of Galician designers. Mar­a Viqueira, We are the Overseas Ocean or DG.


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