Fabric store online by meter

Fabric store online by meter

Katy weaves are a family business that has bet from its homes to offer tradition, quality and innovation. Account with almost four decades of history, maintaining from the home our vocation by the service to the client and follows with the same psi³n by the fashion and this profession.

Katy weaves count on several physical stores in the old quarters of Santiago de Compostela. Frequently many of their clients visit to them from distant places. And conscious that everybody cannot visit to them whenever needs a weave, for this reason in response to his requests, Katy Weaves it offers his products through his store online.

In addition they offer a service of shipment of samples so that you can make sure that the color and the tact he is the one that you need before you realise your order from the comfort of your house.

Designed by Geaccess.com, the fabric store online by meter of Katy Weaves already is in march.



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