Sale of cow and ox of Galicia

Sale of cow and ox of Galicia

From a small Galician rural town, Ruser Backs offers meats of maximum quality of Galician Blonde and Galician ox.

Rub©n and Sergio, two brothers of a family with long tradition in the cattle, create the company. Its objective is to offer meats of the greater possible quality. And for it, in Ruser Backs their own oxen in freedom raise.

In addition, they cross all Galicia, looking for in those small rural operations the best units of €œGalician Blonde€. In the majority of occasions they take control of not more than two or three head of cattle, which are dealt by far affection and fed on a natural and totally traditional way with the best grass and Galician cereals.

Conscious that a rural business also must count on an image in the network, they have trusting in Geaccess for the design of his new Web:

On the other hand, also to realise a national and international distribution to final client of meat of cow and ox in the form of chuletones, next they go to open Gallego of the Chuleton, a store online that will take this great product of quality to all the corners.

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