Wells of Drill in Galicia

Wells of Drill in Galicia

Soundings Sea are a company it jeopardize with the sustainability and the environment. In addition to being an innovating company, specialized in all type of perforations.

Wells of drill

Company specialized in perforations for water pick up.  With the well accomplishment of drill for domestic use, industrial and agricultural,€¦ of different diameters from perforation based on the needs of each client.  In addition to offering a work of continuous advising in the constructive process.

Also the directed method of horizontal perforation is another one of its specialties.  It is used essentially for the installation of lines of communications (optical fiber, cables of data), electrical lines, water pipelines, pipe lines and conductions under pressure.

From his new Web designed by Geaccess.com you can consult all services: https://www.sondeosmar.es/

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