Food to take in Milladoiro

Food to take in Milladoiro

Food to take in Milladoiro

To de Quintela is your new premises of Food to take in Milladoiro. Homemade food realised on a daily basis and list so that passes to gather it.

In A de Quintela you will find entrants, appetizer, salads, rice and graze, fish and meats.  All the plates are made with products of quality and principle freshness. In addition you will find fish and meats to the live coal, being its specialty the chickens to the live coal and churrasco to take.

Reason why if you do not have time to cook, now you can eat of form healthful, fast and easy. Pass you through A de Quintela and take the ready food to you to house, the work, to the beach,€¦

In addition you can realise the orders by telephone 696 804 860 or WhatsApp 660 647 053. Thus you will have it ready to gather, you will only have to happen to gather it by A OF QUINTELA   on the street Milladoiro Or Magdalena of.

And they are open every day of the week of 10.30h to 16.30h. Reason why they will save to you of some hardship when you do not have time or desire to cook.

In his new webpage designed by you can on a daily basis see all homemade plates realised in the premises. A look throws and the mouth will be done to you water.


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