Tic-Chamber program

If it is looking for a help to be able to realise his project Web and to count on a profesinal image in Internet: actual webpage, portal self-managementable, catalogue online, lies down online,€¦ or any other type of platform, will be interested in the help that we detailed to him next on the Program €œTic-Chamber€, that in our case can be applied to all the Region of Santiago de Compostela.

Help: Help for the design of webpages.


Adressees: To be small or medians company (PYMES), or independent, demarcation of the Chamber of Commerce of Santiago de Compostela To be to the current of payment of its tributary obligations, Social Security. To as planned fulfill the norm of help of minimums in Regulation (EC) 1998/2006. To own potential of improvement of its competitiveness through the incorporation of the TIC and to be arranged to meet the established conditions of the Program TIC Cameras. To be given of discharge in the Census of the IAE, section 1: enterprise, industrial, commercial activities and of services. The incorporation to the Program of each company adressee would become serious by means of the signature of an Agreement of Participation in the Program with the Cameras, in which the commitments were specified that are assumed. One would subsidize to 80% of the expenses incurred across the beneficiary company the Customized Plan and Implantation at the expense of the communitarian bottoms. Maximum cost financiable* by the Program 7.000‚¬ (IVA not including)

Consultations: if it needs to extend more information or it has any type of doubt, it can come to visit us in our facilities in Low Avenue Rosal­a de Castro 5, in Milladoiro, or Contact us on telephone 981524769 or the info@geaccess.com email

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