Logo or brand?

Logo or brand of company, he is the same? in what they are different?

Usually we think that the logo is the brand of the company. But in fact, the brand of company is not only the logo. We could define the brand as a set of graphical elements, the logo, the motto, the color, the name,€¦ Often it is the set of a symbol and a name, others only a term or an icon,€¦ Really, a set of elements that allows us to identify very instantaneously of visual way to that company or product.

Therefore we spoke name brand in graphical design, as €œthe set of graphical elements (logo, imagotipo, isotipo, etc.) of a company€.


Differences between logo, imagotipo, isotipo and isologo

Usually we call to all logo! , But in fact the graphical representation of the company. But it has different terminologies according to his type:

LOGO: literally it means word. And it is the graphical repersentaci³n of the NAME of the company. That is to say, as much the own name as the color, the typography, as for example it would be:

IMAGOTIPO: it is the most common format, although almost nobody calls it by its name. The Imagotipo is the combination of the logo (text) with a pictogr¡fico element. One is a set in which text and symbol are clearly differentiated and they even can work separately.
ISOTIPO:  It is the representation of a brand when an image or pictogr¡fico element is made up only of. There is no text, is not possible to be read although yes you can understand what represents the design. One of the best examples of isotipo is the apple of Apple
ISOLOGO: In this case, the text and the icon are fused in a single element. They are indivisible parts of a whole and they only work together, they are not divided neither they are used separately.


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