Email of massive Spam to which case is not due to do

For a long time these emails SPOOFING have been circulating around the network. In these days we are receiving from massive form again the email with supposed extortionary videos. The objective is to deceive the receiver with the assumption shipment of a video it jeopardize (normally of sexual content) to all Contacts, if an economic amount within two days is not pleased.

What you must do? €¦. NOTHING

If you have received them the best thing is not to do them nor case and of eliminating the mail.


In email at issue he is similar to this:


Hello! Since you realize, I sent an e-mail to you from your account.
This means that I have complete access to its account. I have to you been observing for some months.
The fact is that you were infected with malware through a site for adults that visited.

If you are not familiarized with this, I will explain it to you.
Trojan Virus gives to access and total control me on a computer or another device.
This means that I can see everything in his screen, to ignite the camera and the microphone, but you do not know it.

Also I have access to all Contacts and all their correspondence.

Why didn't your anti-virus detect malware?
Answer: My malware uses the controller, I update its companies every 4 hours so that its anti-virus is quiet.

I made a video that shows how you satisfy I myself in left half with the screen, and in right half you see the video that dresses.
With a click of mouse, I can send this video to all Contacts of e-mail and Contacts in the social networks.
Also I can publish the access to all their correspondence of e-mail and the messengers who use.

If it wishes to avoid this, direction of bitcoin transfers the amount of $263 (if it does not know how to do it, it writes to Google: €œTo buy Bitcoin€).
My direction of bitcoin (BTC Wallet) is: 1JgjcCi7sWmr3L7YXKaTAW2qoQdKztcSeu

After receiving the payment, I will eliminate the video and you are never will hear more that is to say of me.
I give 48 hours to pay you.
I have a warning reading this letter, and the timer will work when you open this mail.

To file a complaint in some place does not have sense because this e-mail cannot be tracked as and my direction of bitcoin.
I do not commit erroes.
If I discover that it has shared this message with another person, the video will be distributed immediately.
Best desires!


As always we recommended, is important:

  • Not to open post office of unknown senders
  • Not to puncture in connections, files or images of these post office
  • By all means, to never facilitate personal nor banking data in these emails

It remembers that in Geaccess we are to your disposition for any doubt!

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