The color in your corporate brand

The color in your corporate brand. Psychology of color in branding enterprise.

When we created an enterprise brand we must consider multitude of factors. The name, the logo, the image of the brand,€¦ and often we do not give importance to the color. The corporative color can be turned into a reference at the time of emphasizing your brand of company. Not only in the logo, if not using it in the design Web, computer graphics, announcements, pamphlets,€¦  But€¦ what color to choose?

You knew that the chromatic trowel influences in the decision of purchase in a Web? Reason why if you are thinking about designing or redesigning your brand of company, a little while stop to you to study what color to choose!


If you do not know by where home, we left a summary you than each color it evokes or it represents.

Psychology of color

Each color contributes some different sensations. One is not which eligas a color, if not a chromatic trowel in the tone that represents more what you want to express with your brand of company.



It is a color that transmits calm and tranquillity. It is the most natural color and more seeing by the human, since it is the color of the sky and the sea.

It is the color more used by the companies. The trowel of blue in #branding enterprise produces a relaxing effect, causes the calm and serenity, transmits confidence and it is associated to the productivity€¦ for that reason it is used in the enterprise #logotipos and brands!



Calm and calm color, represents aspects as the hope, the health and La Paz.   Also it symbolizes relax and the personal care.
The trowel of GREEN in #branding usually is associated to the area of health, nature, ecology and the environment. He is fresh and it represents tranquillity and serenity

¤ï¸ RED

This one is a strong and provocative color that, at emotional level, symbolizes the passion and the intensity.

Passional, intense, exciting and until in a certain sense aggressive, it reflects values as the vitality and the strength.

The trowel of red in #branding influences in the fast decision making. It is an emotionally intense color and it attracts the attention quickly, for that reason it is used in supplies and discounts, because it evokes strong emotions.


It is the color of femininity, the energy without agitation. It transmits gentleness, innocence and kindness. In addition, it is the color of the world of the dreams and the unreal thing.

The trowel of roses in #branding enterprise produces tenderness, affection and gentleness. Also it symbolizes the feminine thing


The yellow is glad, young, that it transmits positivism and clarity. It favors the communication and it stimulates the mental processes.


The trowel of yellows in #branding communicates energy and draws attention, since it is the first color perceived by the retina. It produces joy and optimism!


Warm color, that transmits enthusiasm and excitation. Dynamic and radiating, this color transmits a friendly sensation and of secret.
The trowel of oranges in #branding produces an optimistic and stimulating effect. It is used to attract the attention it brings about joy and it has a energizante effect!

In addition, you do not forget it: it brings about the action in the consumer!


This one is the color of the creativity and the imagination. The dwelled ones reflect the transmutation in pure state, as well as the imagination and the wisdom.



The trowel of dwelled violets and in #branding enterprise produces calm and serenity. These colors are associated to the elegance and wisdom, also transmits melancholy and nostalgia.

🖤 Black and white

Almost always usually they are used altogether, and as duo is perhaps the best combination and the one that never fails! They transmit the sensation of seriousness, sobriety, wealth, reputation and gentleness.


The gray and black trowel in #branding transmits seriousness and strength. Although colo usually is used secondary color, accompanied by other more alive colors, its use as main color contributes elegance, prestige and luxury.

And our advice is€¦. THE ONE CHOOSES THAT REPRESENTS TO YOU! Many colors are associated to certain sectors, for example the green tones are related to nature, health,€¦. but why you can't mark the difference of the competition?

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