Emails false to renew domain

We have been time detecting, thanks to our clients, the increase of this type of fraudulent post office. Some clients are receiving emails of warning for the renovation of the domain, who do not go in the name of Geaccess. They are emails fraudulent with the only objective of which you accede to a URL and you realise the payment for €œrenewing€ your domain, but is not that what you are paying.


Increase of phishing in the network

Unfortunately every day we see as it increases and it increases this fraudulent practice. As much in false post office soliciing the renovation of the domain, in this case, as asking for your banking data, data of access to Paypal or subscriptions of Netflix or Amazon,€¦. Mafias exist that are dedicated to successfully obtain information of other users. These data that are compiled,   as much personal data as banking data.

This can be dangerous, since   they can supplant our identity and conduct battle becoming to happen through us.


Why receipt these false warnings?

Because possibly we have our email addresses published in our Web. But the probable thing is that spammers captures them and as of that moment, arrives great amount to us from Spam.

As detecting these frauds

The great majority of the times is detected very easily, we only must be alert and to fix to us.

  1. The sender of the email usually is €œa strange€ mail, that does not belong to who claims to be, as in the following image. Although this not always is fulfilled, sometimes we were with real senders apparently, but they are emails masked.
  2. If the mail is in Spanish is very probable that the text badly is translated, with incoherent phrases.
  3. In the message of the mail it is possible that they appear real data of your domain or your email, you do not let yourself deceive.

Ten in account that the date of renovation of your domain is public, reason why surely agrees with that your domain is on the verge of expiring.

Although you receive warnings of lapsing or of renovation on the part of the recording organization, they ten in account that any payment that we solicit, will connect to our Web of client WWW.GESTIONDECUENTAS.NET and will contain our information.

Therefore you have to distrust of any connection that nonnote to our Web if they ask for a payment or personal data to you. And before the doubt, it Contacts with us before realising no payment, nor puncturing in no connection.

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