To protect your Web with https to avoid to lose positioning

Perhaps it has not arrived still at your ears, but it is possible that you have phelp attention to those padlocks that have begun to appear when visits a Web. And it is that   << Google is going to penalize to all those sites that are not in https, that is to say, in safe surroundings. >>

From January, navigators as Chrome or Firefox has begun to show these warnings. If your site contains some type of shipment of data nonencriptados, if it is not HTTPS (safe Protocol of hypertext transference) uncertain Web.

That means this?

The traffic generated through HTTP is not based. For that reason the company has decided to consider it as not surely for the users (nor for the servers). 

Google considers websites HTPPS much more trustworthy.  These sites use connections based with SSL/TLS to guarantee the privacy and the security.

In which it affects this to your Web?

Google is going €œto mark€ as uncertain the Web, something that can affect directly to the confidence of the users who visit it. In addition the finder will give preference in the results search to sites HTTPS. Those sites that are in safe surroundings, will be priority. So that it can affect to your positioning Web and the amount of traffic and visits that you receive.

 What you can do?

If you have your Web lodged with us, Contacts us to extend this information >>

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