computer science equipment

Installation and assembly of equipment

Computer facilities Santiago

We offer the assembly and home of computer science facilities for SMEs and offices; as well as for great surfaces. Assembly of computerized classrooms, temporary rent of computer science equipment.

Installation and configuration of networks and Internet: installation of networks of office and private networks, connections to Internet, networks wifi, software of network,…

Complete computerization of commerces and stores, with tactile TPV and all the peripheral ones. Contact to us!

Maintenance for SMEs

It avoids computer science complications

Computer maintenance Santiago

We offer a specialized service to him of technical attendance for all the computer science facilities, guaranteeing a response time record and scheduled inspections.

Computer science maintenance without contract: the client warns to us when she needs it without mediating no contract and she invoices to him once finalized the work.

Contract of computer science maintenance: it consists of the monthly or annual payment of a quota, that it gives right to the technical attendance. Inform to you without commitment!